GENNA Organics provides a line of skincare products, GENNA (Heaven in Arabic), based on the natural and essential oils from wild plants endemic to Morocco. GENNA is made for those of us trying to operate at our highest potential. Priority is given to quality and purity in order to fully capture the therapeutic value of the plants.

At GENNA Organics we believe in an inclusive local approach. We source our natural ingredients from the rural communities of Morocco. A lot of them are women using traditional techniques with no chemicals or intensive farming techniques. Moreover, in an effort to create goodwill, we work with people with special needs in our blending facility in Casablanca. 
Organic produce from the wild plants of Morocco are the basis of all our products. We believe that the resistance and tenacity of these wild plants gives them their higher therapeutic value. No chemicals are ever added to our products so they come to you with their natural healing properties fully preserved. Our vegetable and essential oils are certified organic by ECOCERT. In addition all the essential oils we use have the HEBBD certification created by the Scientific Institute of Aromatology. It stands for 'essential oil botanically and biochemically defined'. 
Some of the GENNA oil blends took over twenty years of research to develop the optimal combination of ingredients. Others come from much older Moroccan traditional healing recipes. Occasionally we add essential oils from plants endemic to other areas of the world that work synergistically with the Moroccan plants. Our products tend to have very uplifting scents reflecting the high vibration of their individual ingredients. 

Having personally experienced the incredible efficacy of these all-natural products, Safia, the Founder of GENNA ORGANICS, wanted to share her experience with the rest of the world.
The GENNA  line of products was actually created by Amal Benchekroun, PhD, a Biologist & Immunologist at the Pasteur Institute. Over 20 years ago, Amal started being interested in essential oils as a way of boosting the human defense system. In the process, she discovered a fascinating new world in which plants carry a harmonizing message for mankind and pure essential oils carry the vibrational essence of the message of the plant they were derived from. Essential oils have a similar structure to compounds found in human blood and tissue making them uniquely compatible with our physiology. Amal made it then her life mission to bring into the market the highest purity essential oils and disseminate the knowledge that the plants revealed to her. In 2005 she founded the laboratory H2EA which produces essential oils from the wild plants of Morocco, floral waters and vegetable oils. In addition Amal started creating her own synergy blends that can be used in an Aromatherapy context as well as in Therapeutic Skincare.